Vacuum Fiber Optic Feedthrough

FiberTech Optica manufactures a vacuum feedthrough rated for applications to 10-8 torr. Single or multiple ports are available on standard or custom flange sizes for use with individual fibers or bundles. Fibers can be continuous through the flange or terminated in stubs to allow for fiber replacement, if required. Deep UV to MIR wavelength fibers with standard or custom end terminations can be specified to meet the application requirements.

Flanged feedthroughs make multiple (up to four) fiber connections possible. Flanges come in two styles: CF (1-1/3” CF or 2-3/4” CF) and  bolted ISO (NW16 KF or NW40 KF).

Threaded feedthroughs are designed for single fibers and use either NPT (1/4″ or 3/8″) or standard bolt (3/8-24 or 1/2-20) threads.


  • Optical Coating Production Control
  • Environment Testing
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Bio-Reactor Monitoring


Vacuum rated up to 10-8 Torr
Temperature range Typical: -40°C to 125°CMaximum: -260°C to 260°C
Sealing technique Epoxy seal
Body construction SS-316
Connectors SMA-905, FC, ST, custom
Fiber Type Fused Silica

  • Deep-UV (190-1200nm)
  • UV-VIS (240-1200nm)
  • VIS-NIR (350-2400nm)


  • MIR (up to 5500nm)
Fiber core size 100 to 1000um

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