The following are the connectors options available for use on our bundles, arrays and assemblies:


SMA905 Style Connectors are most commonly used with multi-mode fibers. It has a stainless steel ferrule design and is ideal for large core fibers. Maximum ferrule ID size is 2.5mm.


FC/PC connectors allow for physical contact between the fibers. It features a ceramic ferrule design with a 2.0mm narrow key. The bore diameter can be customized to fit our largest and smallest core fibers. Maximum ferrule ID size is 1.4mm.


FC/APC connectors are polished at a slight angle to prevent light from traveling back up the fiber. The typical loss for this connector type is 0.25dB. FC/APC connectors should only be mated with other FC/APC connectors.

Straight Tip (ST)

ST connectors are cylindrical with twist lock coupling and feature a 2.5mm keyed ferrule. The connector has a bayonet mount and a long cylindrical ferrule to hold the fibers. The typical insertion loss for matched ST connections is 0.25dB.

Custom Ferrules on Request

Give us a call about any sort of request you may have and we will find the answer to your needs!