The following are the jacketing/tubing options available for use on our bundles, arrays and assemblies:

Furcation tubing (-20C to +70C)

Furcation tubing consists of an outer PVC jacket, Kevlar protective threads, a polypropylene inner fiber tube, and a pull string for fiber insertion. It presents the most economically friendly option for wire protection. Recommended for laboratory use!

PTFE tubing (-32C to +260C)

PTFE tubing has superior lubricity, temperature and chemical resistance, biocompatibility and precision tolerances. Chemically inert.

PEEK tubing (-32C to +260C)

PEEK tubing is a high-performance polymer with high tensile strength and excellent heat resistant properties. Outstanding resistance to chemicals, solvents, and fuels.

PVC-monocoil (-20C to +105C)

Monocoil tubing is made of a loosely wound stainless steel tape covered with a PVC coating. It provides good mechanical tolerance. Lengths limit of 6 m!

Silicone monocoil (-55C to +250C)

Monocoil tubing is made of a loosely wound stainless steel tape covered with a silicone coating. It provides good mechanical tolerance and superior flexibility.

Stainless steel squarelock (+600C)

Squarelock tubing is produced from a continues metal strip which is locked into position by one overlapping joint. Crush resistant. Lighter weight. Smaller ID bending than interlock.

PVC-stainless steel interlock (-20C to +70C)

Interlock tubing is covered with an industrial outdoor grade PVC coating. Flexible, sunlight and chemical resistant material used in demanding applications. Recommended for industrial process applications!

Custom materials

Give us a call about any sort of request you may have and we will find the answer to your needs!