Miniature Probes


FTO offers single or multiple fiber probes in needle or custom ferrules. Fibers can be flat or angle polished and can include micro-optics such as lenses, windows, filters and prisms. Number and routing of fibers can be specified to meet the requirements of applications requiring precision fiber positioning in small packaging.

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Single or Multi-branched

• single or multi-branch
• arbitrary geometries and fiber distributions
• custom end pieces
• application-specific designs and materials


• single or multiple fibers
• straight or angle polished
• smallest diameter 250um
• typical length: 40 mm

Miniature Probe examples

Miniature Transmission Probe

• single pass
• 2mm path length
• monolithic assembly
• high throughput
• less than 3 mm diameter

Windowed Needle Probe

• needle tip: small diameter tubing
• wedged window
• low fluorescence adhesives
• epoxy-free light path

Windowed Needle Probe