Raman Probe

ImageFiberTech Optica (FTO), a manufacturer of custom fiber optic assemblies, is proud to introduce its latest product: a line of compact fiber optic Raman probes! Leveraging our expertise in optics, spectroscopy and manufacturing of precision fiber assemblies, our probes feature an innovative optical configuration designed to enhance both the throughput and the quality of collected Raman signal.

Download spec sheet (pdf)


  • high collection efficiency (f/2) optics
  • internal filtering (bandpass filter for the laser and long pass filter for collected signal)
  • 3.8mm or 12.7mm diameter
  • rugged assembly with no moving parts

The probes are packaged in a steel tube that is either 3.8mm or 12.7mm in diameter, with even smaller designs to be available shortly. Our design allows for almost real-time collection of data from solid and liquid samples.

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