Custom Fiber Assemblies

FTO excels in the design and manufacture of custom fiber assemblies for simple and complex scientific instrumentation applications. High precision fiber arrangement, mapping and routing is available in either standard or custom mechanical components. These assemblies are designed to meet the diverse requirements of astronomy, military, biomedical imaging, and spectroscopy.

To this end we display our technological skills combined with advanced software design simulation tools: mechanical CAD, optical design and modelling software. We also collaborate with some most advanced machine shops and components manufacturers to get the right parts quickly.  Techniques: wire EDM, swiss turning, laser micromachining. We worked with different metals,  plastics & glasses.  Coherent fiber bundle compatible with cryogenic temperatures and incorporating a vacuum feedthrough.

Our techniques include wire EDM, swiss turning, and laser micromachining. Also we have worked with many different metals, plastics, and glasses.