Vacuum Feedthroughs

FiberTech Optica manufactures a wide range of hermetic sealed fiber optic feedthroughs, including custom feedthroughs designed specifically for your projects. Our feedthroughs are rated for applications up to 10 -6 mbar. Single or multiple ports (1 to 7 channels) are available on standard or custom flange sizes for use with fiber patchcords, bundles and probes. Optical fibers can be continuous through the flange or terminated in stubs to allow for fiber replacement, if required. Deep UV to MIR wavelength, optical fibers with standard or custom end terminations can be specified to meet the application requirements.


  • ISO, CF, KF & custom flanges
  • Threaded feedthroughs using either NPT or standard bolt threads
  • Bulkhead or inline style
  • UHV compatible materials used for all feedthroughs
  • SMA, FC/PC, FC/APC connectors
  • Singlemode & multimode optical fibers (50 to 1000 um core)
  • Single and multiple port designs (1 to 6 channels)
  • 190 to 4500 nm operating wavelength range
  • Temperature range: Cryogenic to +600C


  • Maintain vacuum and pressure in both directions
  • Allow light and signals to be transmitted over a longer distance than traditional cable feedthrough


  • High pressure environment (up to 1000 bars)
  • High vacuum environment (up to 10 -6 mbar)


  • Bio-reactor monitoring
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Environmental testing
  • Optical coating production control
  • Fusion development